Prot. n. T. 9-1/86


The Association of "Salesian Cooperators", whose headquarters are now in Rome, was founded by Don Bosco and approved by the Apostolic See through the Brief Cum Sicuti of 9 May 1876.

 It is a public association of the faithful, "after the manner of a third order", which shares in the spiritual patrimony of the Society of St. Francis de Sales, dedicated in the Church to an extensive apostolate among youth and the common people. It has as supreme moderator the Rector Major of the Salesians of Don Bosco.

In obedience to the directives of the Church and in the spirit of Vatican Council II, the Association has drawn up, under the responsibility of the Rector Major with his Council and with the collaboration of experts, a renewed text of the "Regulations of Apostolic life" based on that written by the Founder, St. John Bosco, and has submitted it to the Apostolic See for approval.

This Congregation for Religious and Secular Institutes, after careful examination of the text, and in the light of the favourable vote given in a Congress which took place on 15 April, by this present decree approves and confirms it, with the modifications laid down in the same Congress, according to the Italian text deposited in this Congregation's archives, all requirements of Canon Law being observed.

With the example in mind of the figure of Mamma Margaret, who was in fact the first great Cooperator of the Oratory of Don Bosco, this Congregation earnestly prays and hopes in the Lord that all the members of the Association may grow in their union with God and in their generous participation in the mission of the Church, according to the Salesian spirit of predilection for the young and the poor.

Rome, 9 May 1986

John Jerome HAMER, O.P., Pro-Prefect

Vincent Fagiolo, Secretary