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Formation Guidelines


Additional reflection readings




We offer you here a series of readings and topics we believe are very useful for the formation of the Salesian Cooperator.


It may seem strange to talk about the history of the Association and its foundation times, nevertheless we believe that this historical perspective is fundamental to create a solid identity of the new Cooperator. We offer you, to start, a general presentation of the identity of the Salesian Cooperator within the Salesian Family of Don Bosco, bringing clear illustrations of the fundamental aspects of the Cooperator life, ie. spirituality, ministry, apostolic life, etc. We finish touching  the aspects of being a member of a public association of the faithful.


We hope to achieve the following:


- To deepen in the Salesian Cooperator candidate, the historical vision, the identity, the belonging and the main characteristics of this life, bringing an understanding of the greatness and dignity of this vocation and the reasons why the Association was founded. The better the understanding the better will be the apostolic commitment and participation in the life and mission of the Association.


- Enlarge the sentiment of belonging and continuity. We can't love anyone if we don't know them. We won't have a loving and dynamic association if we don't know ourselves, our own history.

It's important that our formation process  brings up and reflects on the past at the earliest stage possible. Please do not leave the history at the end.


Our experience has shown that many responsible for formation are still not up-to date with some of these fundamental topics and therefore not able to offer a serious path to guide new Cooperators. We'd like to encourage all to start looking at them and reflect on these material at least as a mean of personal formation.


We believe the "first part" will be enjoyed by those beginning to travel the path of discovery the Salesian Cooperator vocation. We hope these first parts will more than motivate to continue with the following ones, reaching deeper levels of understanding in accordance with the formation guidelines of the WCB.


Last word is to clarify that it is not compulsory to include all these themes in a single programme, but we are hopeful it will be of great use for all those responsible of formation.


All the best with the work!